Can Fat Grafting Replace Breast Implants?

July 30, 2018

The popularity of fat grafting (the act of harvesting your fat through liposuction and then putting it elsewhere in the body) has skyrocketed since the Brazilian Butt Lift rose to fame. Instead of taking this fat and moving it to your buttocks, why not move it to your breasts? Fat grafting to the breasts has […]

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Liposuction in San Francisco with Dr. Roy Kim

June 14, 2018

Are You a Good Candidate for liposuction? What Are Your Liposuction Options? How Long Will Your Results Last? What is the Healing Process?  How Long Does it take to Recover? Can I See Your Results? How Do You Make a Consultation? Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction? You’re a liposuction candidate if you have […]

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Pure Fat- Fat Harvesting Explained

May 24, 2016

Warning- Not for the Faint of Heart! "This is what fat harvesting looks like. This is actual fat after it's filtered and processed – and this is what it looks like. Typically we don't use this (pointing to a syringe with no tip). We us a syringe with a cannula to put the fat in […]

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Luxe, the Valet Parking App For My Office

April 23, 2015

As a plastic surgeon in San Francisco, my office location is truly awesome for people who work in downtown San Francisco, and public transportation access is amazing-  I’m only 1 block away from MUNI and BART, and 2 blocks away from Market St.  However, some of my patients occasionally have a difficult time visiting me […]

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Wacky Wednesday: Procedures

January 28, 2015

Here is proof that any look you want is achievable.  There’s a procedure for that. Butt Facial Photo Credit: Ruaridh Connelian / Barcroft / When you go to the beach, your body is on display.  It just is.  To make sure it’s ready for the big show, some ladies are spending $500 on a […]

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When Can I Lift Weights After Breast Augmentation?

December 26, 2014

Some of my breast augmentation patients are fitness fanatics, and they share a common question.  “Dr. Kim, when can I start lifting weights again after my breast augmentation surgery?” Define “Weightlifting”! If you are a weight lifter that is entering fitness competitions, or if you clean, jerk, and own weight lifting gloves, you should brace […]

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