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Can Fat Grafting Replace Breast Implants?

July 30, 2018

The popularity of fat grafting (the act of harvesting your fat through liposuction and then putting it elsewhere in the body) has skyrocketed since the Brazilian Butt Lift rose to fame. Instead of taking this fat and moving it to your buttocks, why not move it to your breasts?

Fat grafting to the breasts has become more commonplace in recent years, but many want to know if it can replace the irreplaceable: breast augmentation with implants.

There are limits to this form of augmentation and, in my opinion, fat grafting will never replace the breast augmentation with implants.


Breast Implant Size Versus Amount of Fat Grafting

Most breast implants used in breast augmentation tend to be about 300-500 ccs. Differences in volume are very individualized, but most women want to achieve a C or D cup after their breast augmentation.

There is no numerical limit to how much fat I can place in your breasts, but currently, any amount over 200-250 ccs seems to be the limit with today’s technology. With more fat grafting to a single breast, there seems to be an increased risk of fat absorption, asymmetry in the final results, the grafted fat forming scar tissue, and other risks with large fat graft injections.

So, you’re probably wondering how big your breasts will look after a 200-250 cc breast implant.  In general, this is a considered a smaller volume breast implant in the USA. It’s hard to predict what size the final result will be because I don’t know how much breast tissue you currently have, but if you are flat chested and have very little breast tissue, a 200-250 cc breast implant will probably only get you to a B or large B cup size.  

Interestingly, I inject a lot more fat into the buttocks during a Brazilian Butt Lift. However, the buttocks have a larger surface area, which means that they can tolerate a larger amount of overall fat grafting.  

How Much Fat is Available?

This is also another consideration in breast augmentation patients patients. You need to have fat so that I can actually perform liposuction and place a decent amount into the areas you want augmented!

My thin to very thin patients are not candidates for a significant improvement in their buttocks simply because I can not remove enough fat. The same is true for fat grafting to the breasts. If you are thin to begin with, you may not have enough fat to make a significant difference in your breast size.  


Fat is a Great Option for Breast Implant Edges

If you want the most natural breast augmentation results possible or if you currently have rippling and wrinkling of your existing breast implants, fat grafting is an awesome way to mask the edges of your breast implants.

With a breast augmentation, fat grafting will allow me to have the most natural contour of your breasts in the cleavage areas and also at the sides near your underarm.  

If you have already had breast augmentation but you have the edges of your breast implants visible, especially when you lean over, then fat can be placed at the edges of your breasts to mask the rippling and wrinkling that are occuring.

How Do I Make a Consultation?

Call my office at (415) 362-1846 or email, and my Patient Care Coordinator will get you started!

Consultations typically take 45-60 minutes, and I do the entire consultation personally, without the use of a nurse or helper to vet your questions and concerns without me present. Consultations are $150, and the cost of the consultation goes towards the cost of surgery when you decide to book your procedure.  

If you are uncertain if you are a candidate for a fat grafting to the breasts, ask for my Patient Care Coordinator at and send in your photos of your desired areas along with any questions you may have and I can look at your photos and help you determine if you are a good candidate or not before coming to my office. You will also be provided with a rough quote for the procedure. There is no charge for this service.

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