February 12, 2021

He Was Great!

He made me feel relaxed, he was funny, not uptight. I like how he listened to me and didn’t give me unrealistic expectations above all he wasn’t trying to seek me anything, I will see him soon again for fillers and other things!

Dr. Roy Kim is an amazing doctor. I have never had a plastic surgery before hand and I was a little nervous. He made me feel really comportable and was very professional. Dr. Kim gave me a breast augmentation and I couldn’t be happier. This is by far the best decision¬† I have ever made. I’m so beyond happy with my results and healed very fast and was not even in any pain. I can’t thank Dr. Kim enough for making me more confident.

Madison Bernstein

January 24, 2021

jayki levy

November 27, 2020

It was my first time visiting Dr. Kim’s office and naturally I was nervous; I was having fillers in my face.
Perrie, the office manager greeted me and was so warm and sweet. The moment Dr. Kim saw me in the waiting room he struck up a conversation and was so genuine and welcoming. He immediately put me right at ease. When he took me into the procedure room, he spoke with me in detail about what I wanted and made sure he was clear. He explained everything he was doing during the process, took his time, and only gave me a little bit of product at a time to make sure I was happy along the way. He was so thorough, clear, consistent, and patient! I absolutely LOVE the results of what he did and would highly recommend him. I will certainly be returning. :)

I am officially 6 weeks post-op from my BA surgery with Dr. Kim and I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience and results. I had my surgery done on a Thursday and I was back to working from home on Monday. The recovery was better than expected and I was fortunate to not have any bruising and only needed the pain meds for about 2 days afterwards. At 6 weeks, almost all of the swelling is gone and it has been so confidence boosting to wear bras and swimsuits without padding! Thank you Dr. Kim for the amazing result and speedy recovery.

Kelsey Browne

October 27, 2020

Amanda Egloff

October 24, 2020

Had breast augmentation done last october. I was really nervous about finding the right doctor. Dr. Kim was recommended to me by one of my best friends who works for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kim was fantactic. He was kind and considerate. He and his staff have been very gracious with availability for any follow up concerns. I travel a great deal, and they worked with my schedule. I’m a nurse myself. I recommend you look no further if you are even questioning who the best surgeon in SF is.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not liked what was looking back? For the past 6 months every time I looked at myself I didn’t like what I saw.

I looked tired. Even with a full 8 hours of sleep. My eyes were starting to look hollow. My mouth looked like it was sagging on the sides. My lips looked deflated. I could go on and on.

I travel extensively and realized a face lift even if it was a mini was out of the question. I decided fillers were going to be my savior.

I had followed Dr. Kim on social media and after watching him perform numerous injections and listening to him speak on the subject I felt completely comfortable making my appointment.

Best decision ever!!!

Completely painless, instant gratification and if I do say so myself I look amazing!!!!! Being conservative I would say Dr. Kim took 5 to 7 years off my face.

If you have been considering fillers make your appointment today.

Fanny O’Connor

May 26, 2020

Carmen Simpson

May 26, 2020

Dr. Kim is the best! He has a great bedside manner, very professional, but is also objective about what you really need done. He never tries to get you to do many things and tries to be conservative. He is great with my fear of Doctors and is patient with me. I have gotten so many compliments from his work and I feel great!

I couldn’t thank Dr. Kim enough for changing my life!
I’ve always dreamed of getting an augmentation to fix my breasts.
Being that this was my first surgery, taking the next step was nerve wrecking, but Dr. Kim and Pari were wonderful.
Dr. Kim was amazing at answering every question and concern I had. Furthermore, he educated me on every aspect of the surgery pre and post op.When it came to choosing my size, I initially knew I wanted large implants. He was great at giving me advice of what would be proportionate to my body.
I ended up choosing 450cc, making me a DD post op.
My recovery was much easier than I expected and I had no complications. With all the information and support I was given by Dr. Kim’s office, I felt I knew exactly what to expect.
I couldn’t be happier with my breasts (and lip fillers) and I highly recommend Dr. Kim if you’re considering any plastic surgery.

Avalon R.

October 16, 2019

Gabriella H.

May 30, 2019

I am a 50+ year old woman and have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s for 10 years. I started with botox and fillers. A year ago I did a lower facelift, surgery on my upper and lower eyes, fat transfers to my face and a stomach and lower back liposuction. I have to say, I am surprised that his overall rating is not a lot higher. Thus, I am writing a review, even though I rarely post on Yelp. I have never been a beauty “junkle”. I have never had a facial or been to a medi-spa. I went to Dr. Kim based on a recommendation and was leery of both botox and fillers at first. Everything he did was very subtle and he is so personable! Much to my great surprise, I decided to do the surgeries above because I felt so comfortable with Dr. Kim. I never thought I would ever do this. He took very good care of me and even made a house call post op!! I have gotten so many compliments on the results. Very, very happy I took the plunge.

I entered Dr. Kim’s office as a stranger to the world of injectables and left as a life long enthusiast! I have gone to Dr. Kim for multiple procedures and now can not imagine going elsewhere. He works with you to accomplish your ideal outcome gradually, and is super knowledgeable about each product offered. As nervous as I was, I had him give me a detailed analysis of all of the lip fillers he offered. He humored me and gave me an honest rundown of the pros and cons of the fillers on the market! The office is cozy and inviting, and the staff is beyond accommodating. Don’t forget to ask for a glass of Prosecco before your next procedure (-;

Katie Larsen

May 26, 2019