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When only the “breast” will do, Roy Kim, MD is the area’s leading expert for breast surgery in San Jose and San Francisco. If you are thinking about enhancing your silhouette or shopping for that perfect bathing suit or low-cut blouse with new-found enthusiasm, breast augmentation with Roy Kim, MD will provide you with the perfect blend of medical expertise and personal rapport. Perhaps you need to reclaim your formerly beautiful breasts after babies or gravity took their toll, or maybe your best figure will be revealed after a breast reduction. Whatever your unique needs, Roy Kim, MD promises to deliver outstanding breast surgery services in the Bay area.


You only live once, and you have only one body with which to go through life (well, unless you are Shirley MacLaine). Stop that annoying voice in your head…y’know, the one with the running critique… and enjoy your body! Roy Kim, MD is the plastic surgeon of choice for body lift services in San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay area. Whether you need just a little help through liposuction or if you are ready for a more dramatic change with a tummy tuck or complete Mommy Makeover, Roy Kim, MD has more than 13 years of experience in private plastic surgery practice.


Let’s see…what’s more important than your face? Easy answer – nothing! Your face is more than a body part. Your face is you. Roy Kim, MD understands this and has dedicated his career to specializing in facial plastic surgery in San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay area. Whether you are interested in eyelid surgery, fat transfer, cheek augmentation, otoplasty (ear pinning), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), or chin augmentation, Roy Kim, MD promises to help you put your best face forward.

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