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Transforming Tubular Breasts: A Journey to Natural Beauty

Tubular Breast Deformity - Before and After

October 19, 2023

My beautiful patient has what I consider mild tubular breast deformity. She has always had a slightly unusual shape to her breasts since puberty, and has a tighter lower portion of her breasts, large areola, and prominent or “puffy” breast tissue under her areola.

Tubular Breast Deformity - Before and After

The best way to correct this, IMHO, is to perform a breast augmentation through an areolar incision. The bottom portion of the breast needs the inside breast tissue to be stretched out, requiring “pie cut” incisions internally. Silicone gel is my preferred implant, since it allows for continued shaping of the breasts over time.

You can see in the 1st month “after” photo that she has a slight indentation of her lower breast due to very tight breast tissue in the lower pole or portion of her tubular breast.

In the 2nd month photo, she is now having a more natural shape to her breasts, with the lower pole or portion of her breasts appearing more round, full, and natural.

Usually I tell patients that full healing after a breast augmentation takes 6-12 months after surgery. With tubular breasts, I think it will take a full 12 months before seeing final results, because the silicon gel implant continues to make her breasts look more natural over time.


Sometimes it pays to be a patient patient! (Pun intended 😜)

Special thanks to my stunning patient for sharing her journey on social media!

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