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The “Perfect Pocket” Technique in Breast Augmentation

Goldilocks Pocket

November 3, 2023

Cleavage is the name of the game amongst most breast augmentation patients. However, there’s a fine line between placing the implants close for optimal cleavage, and placing them so close that the patient has symmastia, or the more scientific term: uni-boob.

Symmastia is when the breasts are so close that there is no definition between the two, causing a webbing of skin over the midline where the cleavage should be.

With the Perfect Pocket, I’m able to dissect the pocket as close to the midline as possible in order to achieve the desired cleavage, and without risking the dreaded uni-boob.

I always make sure to sit my patients up during surgery to double check position of the implants and make sure they are symmetrical and perfectly fit my patients goals before finishing the case 👍

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