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Enhancing Your Profile: The Art of Non-Surgical Profile Creation

Enhancing-Your-Profile-The-Art-of-Non-Surgica- Profile Creation

September 29, 2023

Profile Creation

Can you “try before you buy” in plastic surgery? You can with profile creation! 🤓

You may feel you need a slightly longer and more prominent chin like my beautiful patient here. Instead of having a chin augmentation/ genioplasty, she opted for chin filler to balance her face.

Notice that her forehead is now in alignment with her chin, and her profile is more balanced. Classic anatomy textbooks state that the forehead should be in alignment with the chin by drawing a horizontal line with the forehead and chin edges completely straight. However, there are other variables including the shape of the nose on profile, the angle of your nose, frontal bossing, occlusion issues, and more.

before-and-after-of-profile-creation I also made her chin slightly more V-shaped and less wide to accentuate her beautiful cheek and facial structures.

The wonderful thing about fillers is that you are awake during the procedure and can help guide your plastic surgeon to figure out the right amount of profile creation for your unique face. My stunning patient is more confident than ever! 💜

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