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Pout Perfection: Enhancing Your Lips with Philtral Column Filler


September 28, 2023

One hint if you want a fuller upper lip but are concerned about too much volume- get a little filler in your philtral columns. These are the vertical slightly raised “bumps” that are a sign of youthfulness. 💉

Some people have more thinner or less raised columns compared to others. As we age, these columns become longer and thinner in all of us, so a little care will help give you a slightly more pouty look that looks enhanced and natural.

Our beautiful patient @dollface_akira is a great example of this! She is young and beautiful, and a little filler in her philtral columns and lips gave her the perfect pout. Her lips are now volumized without compromising her lip structure 👍


Unlock Your Perfect Pout Today! If you’re ready to enhance your lips with a subtle and natural-looking approach, consider getting filler in your philtral columns. Say goodbye to concerns about excessive volume and hello to youthful, plump lips. Schedule a consultation with us and let’s achieve the perfect pout for you!

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