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The Ultimate Plastic Surgery Tool: Precision, Light, and Suction


October 3, 2023

One of my fave plastic surgery instruments of all time is the combination right angle retractor with light and suction.

When creating a bigger pocket, such as a breast implant pocket or a tunnel for a tummy tuck, this device can hold up tissue. The actual width and size of the retractor does matter, and I tend to like ones that are narrow and longer, because this allows me to make a smaller incision and a longer tunnel.

Since there’s a light attached to it, I can actually see in the dark pocket or tunnel. Yes, I always wear a headlamp as well, so the inside of the pocket is brighter than the surface of the sun, allowing me to see more during all of my surgical cases. 🌞

Finally, with suction, when I’m dissecting tissue with electrocautery, I can also see what I’m doing without any smoke. The suction removes it all!

It’s an amazing tool, and I strongly recommend it the next time you’re doing plastic surgery in your garage at home!

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