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Neurotoxin, Filler or Skincare: The Best Choice for You

October 29, 2018

You have wrinkles, but you’re not certain the best way to treat them. A neurotoxin like Botox? Filler? Skincare?

Fear not! Here are 3 different ways to treat your facial wrinkles, depending on the type of wrinkle you have and where it’s located on your face.  


What’s Your Wrinkle Diagnosis?

As a doctor, you always need a diagnosis before a treatment. Wrinkles are no different! The main types of wrinkles that I can treat in an office setting are very fine wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and static wrinkles.


Fine Wrinkles

If you have very fine wrinkles that are hard to see, you may be a candidate for skin care. Often if you have fine wrinkles, you may have loose skin, loss of skin tightness, and a need to improve overall skin quality.  

Small to moderate improvements can be achieved with skin care or smaller procedures. If you want a significant improvement for fine wrinkles and skin quality, then you may need a higher energy source – meaning chemical peel, microneedling, laser, radiofrequency – to get the results you want.

Dynamic Wrinkles Need Neurotoxin

If you have a dynamic wrinkle that is visible when you moved your muscles, then changing the strength of the muscle will make the wrinkle look better or disappear completely.  Dynamic wrinkles are usually found in the forehead, wrinkles between the eyebrows, and the crows feet area.

Neurotoxin injected into the muscle will weaken the muscles creating the wrinkle. The most common neurotoxin I use is Botox. The US market also has Dysport and Xeomin. A quick injection in the office will help your wrinkles look better and possibly disappear for 3-4 months.  


Static Wrinkles Need Filler

If you have a static wrinkle, this is the type of wrinkle that is always present, even if you have a blank facial expression. Typically, you will want to fill in the wrinkle with some type of filler to make the wrinkle less deep and visible.  

The most popular dermal filler in the world is made from hyaluronic acid (HA). This is a substance that is found in the human joint, so there is no need for allergy testing. The biggest brand names in the USA are Juvederm, made by Allergan, and Restylane, made by Galderma. There are different types of crosslinking, thicknesses, and longevity.  

Static wrinkles are usually in the lower face, such as the nasolabial folds (your smile lines) and marionette lines (the wrinkles that start at the edge of your mouth towards your jawline).  HA fillers can also be placed in the cheek areas, under your eyes, and in your jawline itself to give you the most refreshed look possible yet still look natural.

Wrinkle Options: The Choice Is Yours!

As you can tell, there are lots of options to make your wrinkles look better, rejuvenate your face, and regain confidence in your appearance. I recommend educating yourself before any consultation, and work closely with an expert in aesthetics and injectables to get the best results possible.  


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