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What You Need to Know About Breast Implant Profiles

Breast Implant Profile

December 13, 2023

✖️Breast implant profile✖️

Many have probably heard of breast implant profile. But what exactly is it, and how does it affect your breast augmentation results?

Breast implant profile is the overall silhouette of the implant. It refers to how much an implant projects forward from the chest wall when standing.

Illustrations and graphics are often used to help show profile, but I find that seeing actual patients gives a much better idea of how profile affects a breast augmentation result.

This photo shows the differences between the 4 main profiles: low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, and high profile.

You’ll notice that the higher the profile, the more volume there is at the upper part of the breast. This also creates more cleavage and the breasts tend to keep their shape without a bra.

Low profile has a much more natural look, with very little projection.

Most of our patients fall in the moderate plus range, which is somewhat the best of both worlds! But of course it always depends on the patient’s anatomy and also their desired results 👍

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