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Unlocking the Secret to Natural-Looking Lips: Lip Tubercles

lip anatomy

August 4, 2023

Wonder how I make my rejuvenated and augmented lips so natural? 👄 One of the things I focus on is lip “tubercles”.

Tubercles are the natural very subtle elevations of the upper and lower lips. There are classically 3 of them in the upper lip, and 2 of them in the lower lip. These tubercles create “hills and valleys” of the upper and lower lips, and your mind knows that these 3D maps create a more youthful, beautiful, aesthetic lip.

As we age, our lips do become thinner, but the tubercles also flatten. If you are born with naturally thin lips, your lips may lack elevation of the tubercles.

If you just augment lips with no regard for the tubercles, the size and proportions may be aesthetically pleasing. However, your “mind’s eye” knows that something is off, because there are no “hills and valleys”, and just augmenting an upper lip or lower lip creates a sausage – a flat elevated roll that has no tubercles.

You can see in my lovely patient that she has naturally very thin lips. After lip filler, I created lip tubercles and a 3D landscape of her lips that give her a more lush, pouty, aesthetically pleasing appearance without just placing lip filler in a standard way.

before and after lip filler



Ready to enhance your lips and restore their natural beauty? Schedule a consultation with us today to discover how lip tubercles can transform your smile into a work of art. Don’t wait, embrace your confidence!

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