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Tired of Having Eyebags? Check this Out!

lower eyebags

October 31, 2023

❓Are you tired of having lower eyelid bags and want a quick fix? 💉

✔️Lower eyelid filler is the answer!

The best candidates for under-eye filler are patients who have:

  • good skin tone,
  • small to moderate lower eyelid bags,
  • excellent lymphatic drainage,
  • no history of puffy eyes or
  • no history of severe allergies, and more.


But wait! You may not be a candidate for this procedure!

Suppose you have a moderate to severe amount of loose skin, a larger lower eyelid bag, a history of severe allergies, a tendency to have puffy lower eyes, and other risk factors. In that case, you should probably NOT get under-eye filler.

This is a more controversial topic in aesthetic surgery since many younger patients have early signs of puffy lower eyelids with some lower eyelids and deeper wrinkles.

The problem is that lymphatic drainage is key to reducing puffy lower eyes and less lower eyelid fat. If you have (relatively) poor lower eyelid drainage or are prone to puffy eyes, you are almost definitely a candidate for surgery – a lower eyelid lift.  You probably need surgery if you have a deeper wrinkle, aka the tear trough and nasojugal groove.

Finally, although some procedures can reposition cheek and lower eyelid fat to mask the deeper tear trough and nasojugal groove areas, you may need fat grafting to fill in the lower eyelid wrinkle and rejuvenate your skin color and texture.  It is sometimes difficult for me to tell younger patients that they should not get filler but a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. However, I would always advocate for the best result for any of my patients.

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