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Revive Your Eyes: The Nonsurgical Solution to Under Eye Bags

Before and After Under Eye Filler

October 25, 2023

The under eye can be some patients’ worst nightmare. With sunken hollows, patients can be left looking tired and older. When your concealer isn’t cutting it anymore, there is a nonsurgical light at the end of the tunnel!

While only specific patients are candidates for this procedure, it can completely refresh and rejuvenate a patient’s overall look.

The right candidate for this procedure has dark, hollow under eyes. While surgery is still the gold standard, under eye filler can actually last for a few years because there is so little movement in that area.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and patients can expect a couple days of swelling and there is a possibility of bruising as well.

Because of this, we always recommend patients have this procedure done on a Friday, or before they have a couple days to lay low.

If you suffer from puffy lower eyelids, or commonly wake up with eye swelling, this procedure is not for you! Your best best would be surgery, to get rid of the fat pockets under the eyes and release the ligament that is pulling your lower eyelid down.

Keep in mind, choosing your injector for this procedure is KEY. This is a difficult procedure and requires extensive knowledge of the anatomy.

Product choice is also key. Make sure your injector is knowledgeable on which HA fillers are best for this area, as the under eye skin is very thin and filler that is too robust can cause nodules, or appear swollen when smiling.

Unlike other filler procedures, this is one I tell patients they don’t have to get redone yearly. Based off patient testimonials and data, under eye filler seems to last for longer than just 12 months 👍


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