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Unlock the Power of Sculptra: The Collagen-Boosting Filler

before and after sculptra (collagen)

October 16, 2023

Sculptra is a great filler that stimulates collagen growth 🩼

✔️It is commonly given in the cheek areas to decrease the hollowing which occurs with aging.

🥼Definitely see an expert or more advanced injector, since it’s impossible to melt or reverse!

You can see in this video how I place it carefully into several areas and slightly different depths to achieve full pan facial rejuvenation 🍊

Sculptra and the collagen growth it induces typically lasts about 18-24 months.

YMMV is based on how much Sculptra you get, your body’s metabolism, and the body area where you have the Sculptra placement.

For those of you who wish to have a longer lasting filler, and consider giving Sculptra a try!

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