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Breast Lift Incisions: The Choice for a Youthful Transformation


October 2, 2023

Would you want to live with the original “before” breast with volume loss, stretch marks, and an enlarged areola? Or would you rather have a rejuvenated breast with youthful fullness, a much more natural shape, and a very hard-to-see vertical incision that is only visible when you’re having the type of fun you can’t post on social media? 😜

Sometimes plastic surgery is a compromise, and a great example is a breast lift incision. I wish I had a nickel for every patient who states that they hate the thought of having a vertical incision on their breast because they need a breast lift. I would be a trillionaire!

I have to tighten and reposition loose breast skin to do a breast lift properly. If you do not have enough breast volume, then you may opt for a breast implant as well.

The key to a beautiful breast lift incision is to make the incision tension-free. No excess tightness at the closure! And, of course, take care of your incision by using antibiotic ointment, silicone gel sheets, possible hydrocortisone, possible micro-needling, and more to make that incision fade!

I use special barbed sutures in the breast tissue to get the most amount of tightness and structure underneath any of my breast lift procedures to achieve a rounder, more shapely look. These special sutures, along with a couple of other secret operative tweaks, will help with the long-term appearance of the incision.

The choice is yours!

breast liftFYI, like every one of my photos, this “after” result is not altered in any way. You can verify the same blue background, consistent lighting, camera, and angle to see that the incision is not altered with makeup, software, more flattering lighting, posing, or clear transparent tape to give it a better shape.

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get.

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