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How Durable are Breast Implants?

how durable are breast implants

October 26, 2023

Luckily for patients, silicone implants are extremely durable!

Cuts like the ones I’m making in this video wouldn’t occur in reality, but it helps show that even with a rupture the gel does not ooze out, but rather sticks to itself.

So if you’ve experienced a rupture and are waiting for a revision (or you have implants and are worried about damage to your implants in one way or another) rest assured that the silicone gel is not sloshing around the breast pocket!

In summary, you can stab an implant, light it on fire, drop it from the Empire State Building and it will most likely still be fully intact 😂

That said, be vigilant and reach out to your surgeon if you experience a change in implant shape, implant feel, or if you’re experiencing any pain around the implants!


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