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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer to Breasts

fat transfer to cleavage

July 30, 2023

The ⬅️left side is without the fat transfer, and the ➡️right side is with the fat transfer.

Our beautiful patient presented with tuberous breasts. She had a shortened lower pole, meaning the distance between her areolas and her breast fold is shorter than non-tuberous breasts. The base of her breasts were also constricted, so there was a greater distance between the two.

While a breast augmentation alone would have provided a great improvement for this patient, she was looking to have the best cleavage possible!

This aerial view shows the difference between the side with and without the fat transfer. For reference, her feet are towards the top of the photo and her head is toward the bottom of the photo.

You’ll notice the side that has been fat grafted is closer to the midline, and also has a more symmetrical lower breast pole.

Fat transfer is a great option for most patients, not just those with tuberous breasts, to help give dream cleavage!

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