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Benelli Mastopexy: What You Need to Know for Beautiful Results

benelli mastopexy

October 13, 2023

Benelli Mastopexy – or donut lift- is an excellent procedure for some patients. You can get a breast lift with just a circular incision around your areola. There is no vertical incision underneath the areola. Easy, right?

Well, not quite. I wish I could do a Benelli Mastopexy in all of my patients, but in reality, I can actually lift the breasts only a small amount, typically about 1-2 inches.

Any more than that, and the issue is that you may end up with an unsightly oval areola over time, or a possible distorted breast that eventually requires a conversion to a vertical incision under the areola.

You may also have skin folds around the areola due to the nature of this special closure. The skin folds or “pleats” will flatten over time, but you will have to be patient and wait for several months.

In this lovely patient, her baby factory has now officially closed, and she wanted to have more fullness to her breasts, her breasts lifted, and her asymmetry addressed. I did a breast augmentation with a breast lift, along with a correction of her breast fold asymmetry. She is 1 month post-surgery and is healing up nicely.

benelli mastopexy

benelli mastopexy










Special thanks to my beautiful patient for sharing her results on social media!


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