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What is Micro Botox?

May 24, 2018

Micro Botox or “Baby Botox” in San Francisco with Dr. Roy Kim


What is Micro Botox or “Baby Botox”?

Does It Work?

How Long Does It Last?

Am I a Candidate for Micro Botox?


What is “Micro Botox” or “Baby Botox”?

As you probably know, Botox is a trademarked name for the neurotoxin made by Allergan, an injectable that weakens muscle so that the wrinkles created by those muscles do not form as well.  

Botox is usually measured by “units,” so I will recommend a certain number of units depending on how strong your muscles are, where the wrinkles are located, and how much movement you want afterwards.

“Micro Botox” or “Baby Botox” is when the Botox is dilute and fewer units are used, but injected it into the same areas where wrinkles have already formed or will form. Although you may still have some small wrinkles, you will retain facial expression and movement with a lessened appearance of wrinkles.

Does It Work?

Micro Botox absolutely works! Though it uses less units and is more dilute, it still helps get rid of wrinkles. You may notice that your wrinkles are not completely gone, however it is the best option for patients who want to retain full movement. Microbotox works best in patients who are younger or have less wrinkles, as a preventative measure. Relaxing this muscle can potentially stop the formation of new wrinkles.


How Long Does It Last?

Typically “Micro Botox” and “Baby Botox” will not last as long as regular administration of Botox, because fewer units are injected in the same body surface area. You may notice that your results will only last 2-3 months. “Regular” Botox injections will typically last 3-4 months because more units are injected in the same overall area.

Am I a Candidate for Micro Botox?

“Micro Botox” and “Baby Botox” are a great alternative for younger patients who want to prevent wrinkles from worsening or forming in the future.

If you want retain more muscle movement or don’t mind some mild wrinkles after your treatment, then “Micro Botox” is probably best.  It also has the advantage of being less expensive, because you need fewer units!

If you want a more effective treatment, then “Baby Botox” is probably not for you.  Your wrinkles will still be visible, and you will most likely need to come in more frequently to maintain your appearance.  


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