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Revance: Redefining Rejuvenation

February 22, 2019



I had the pleasure of spending time with Dan Browne, the CEO of Revance Therapeutics. I had my fair share of questions and here are a few of the main points about their upcoming product.


Revance Therapeutics is releasing a modified product of botulinum toxin that is attached to a peptide. Their product is also a neurotoxin, similar to your household neurotoxins Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau. When injected into the muscle, the muscle weakens, which is important for reducing wrinkles and helping with spastic or tight muscles and more.


Their product is made entirely in the US, and will not be made elsewhere.


Revance’s neurotoxin does not seem to diffuse as much when placed in the muscle, which implies that it is able to hang around the muscle and thus the nerve junction endings longer. Just how much longer? Well, according to their studies, their neurotoxin lasts 6 months as compared to 3-4 months for their competitors Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.


Revance’s product will be shipped at room temperature, making packaging a lot less bulky and storage much simpler.  


Some people have stated that Revance’s studies have used 40 units in the glabella, whereas the regular dose Botox is 20 units. However, even if you doubled Botox dosage to 40 units to the glabella, it still would not last 6 months.  


There was a lively discussion about pricing which is yet to be determined.  


There was also a lively discussion on marketing, and we all know that social media marketing is where it’s at!


I am excited to try out the new neurotoxin by Revance when it’s available to the general public, and look forward to it’s release!


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