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How To Preserve Your Breast Augmentation

March 6, 2021

I try to emphasize this with my patients, but I think sometimes the excitement of finally having the breasts you’ve always wanted can drown out the ever-important aftercare that allows for you to heal quickly, lessen the appearance of scars, and maintain your results!

But fear not! Just remember that every day that you take care of your new friends will give you the best long term results for your beautiful new breasts.

Post Surgery Care

Right after your breast augmentation, the main focus should be on not getting an infection and making sure that your incisions are healing. If your plastic surgeon recommends antibiotics, then take them.

You may or may not have sterile tape over your incisions. If you have Steri-strips, the only care would be to keep the area clean. Once the Steri-Strips come off or are removed, it’s important to use antibiotic ointment to help the incisions heal well, and prevent infection.

Scar Care

Scars mature over the course of a year, so any non surgical treatment you do will make the scars look better over several months. One of the easiest and most effective treatments is silicone gel bandages.

Silicone gel compression or bandages placed directly on your incisions will help lessen any redness or thickness, and allow your incisions to look nearly invisible in the long term. Silicone gel bandages are pretty inexpensive and painless, but the biggest obstacle to using them is CONSISTENCY – they need to be applied for months after your surgery. I usually recommend 3-6 months, but you may have to use them longer to get the best results.

Breast Implant Massage

Breast Implant Massage is a very common maneuver that many Plastic Surgeons recommend. As a surgeon, I have created a breast implant pocket that is a little bigger than the actual breast implant. Breast implant massage helps to maintain this pocket and preserve the natural movement of your breast augmentation,

Avoiding Significant Weight Gain

If you gain a lot of weight, some of the fat may go to your breasts. When you lose this weight, your breast skin may become loose, causing skin sag. “A lot” of weight gain is on the order of 25% or higher of your total body weight. Normal body weight fluctuation of about 5-10 pounds should not affect your implants!

Avoid The Sun or Tanning Beds

Sun exposure to any new incision will cause the incision to be more red and prominent permanently. I don’t have tons of patients who sunbathe topless right after their procedure, but I have had a few in my career, so it’s important to protect your incision with silicone gel bandages or sunscreen for the best long term result.

The same is true for sun tan/skin cancer beds. Avoid the excessive UV exposure on your new incisions to get the best looking results.

Wear a Bra

It is my opinion that wearing a bra supports your breasts and helps to fight the forces of gravity. We all know that the heavier the breasts, the more that they will drop. This is true if you have naturally larger breasts or get very large breast implants.

If you have any other questions or comments, leave them below!

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