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How Rosebud AI Is Changing The World of Modeling and Plastic Surgery

AI generated model

November 25, 2019


“This video has no audio, and thus has no captioning.”


Over the weekend, I came across the Twitter account of a new company, Rosebud AI, that has just released 25,000 computer generated models that don’t exist in reality


I was able to log in to their database and change the faces and ethnic features of the models. Then, I had one of those lightning bolts of thought: AI generated models will inevitably change Plastic Surgery. 


With AI generated models, you can now create an endless supply of facial expressions, ethnicities, body types, and clothing, etc. This completely mitigates the need for hiring a model, photographer, makeup artist, lighting person, and so on. Thus, Rosebud AI will be a future source of fresh new faces for digital marketing.


How does this apply to Plastic Surgery? We are almost to the point of AI generated suggested “after” results for facial and body features.  


Right now, patients come to my office with a preference for a certain lip shape, facial shape, nose shape, and more. Almost all of my patients have already informally “crowd sourced” their after results and compared them to what they personally wish for as far as their procedure results go.  


If your “after” results are generated by AI, then you can “see” what your results will be, based on thousands or millions of images across the internet.  


The patient/consumer will be able to see what AI suggests they should look like and accept or reject suggestions accordingly. As a Plastic Surgeon, I can see if the AI suggested “after” result is surgically possible or recommended.  


This AI can provide suggested surgical intervention for aesthetic, reconstructive, or other types of Plastic Surgery. Breast reconstruction, facelift and necklift, and all types of Plastic Surgery will benefit from the software. 


I am very excited about the possibility of AI changing the game of Plastic Surgery for both patients and providers alike. 


Are you looking forward to advances in tech like that of Rosebud AI? Would you trust this algorithm to help you select a Plastic Surgery procedure?


Check out the Rosebud AI website 

If you would like to try your hand at changing Rosebud AI models, click here.

Twitter for Rosebud AI

Instagram for Rosebud AI

Makeup App for Rosebud AI:


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