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Cheekbone Enhancement in San Francisco with Dr. Roy Kim

July 26, 2018

Are You a Candidate for a Cheekbone Enhancement?

Cheekbone enhancement provides a natural lift to the mid face and a beautiful contour to the cheeks. If you have noticed if your cheeks look more deflated, a deep wrinkle under your eyelids, or if your eyes look more hollow, then cheek enhancement may be a great way to fix these issues. However, you don’t need deflated cheeks to be a great candidate! Cheek filler can rejuvenate and reshape your face regardless.

Cheekbone enhancement can be done by reinflating the soft tissue of the cheek by dermal filler injection in the area of the deflation, deep wrinkle, or hollow area, resulting in a more refreshed, natural, and structured look.


How Does Cheekbone Rejuvenation Enhance Your Facial Features?

Strong cheekbone structure is a sign of vitality and strength, helps to reduce the appearance of aging with sagging cheeks and soft tissue, and counteracts the appearance of hollow eyes. It also provides a lift to the face, with more structure and balance in the midface. Cheekbone enhancement can be done non-surgically or by surgery.  


What is the Recovery from Cheekbone Enhancement?

Non surgically, cheekbone enhancement is done by filling the cheek and the under eyelid wrinkle with dermal filler. Dermal filler options will vary on if I need to fill in the lower eyelid wrinkle, the cheek, or both. Dermal filler options include Juvederm or Restylane.

Under the eyelid, the dermal filler has to be thinner and will last about 12 months.  

In the cheek, the dermal filler is thicker, and should last about 12-24 months.  

If you have surgery to rejuvenate your cheek or mid face area, I usually do this by a facelift and fat grafting to the area. This is a very powerful procedure that truly rejuvenates the aging skin and soft tissue, and helps to eliminate the lower eyelid wrinkle at the top portion of the cheek area.  

If hollow eye are also a concern, fat grafting is also a possibility to eliminate this sign of aging.


What Should You Expect With Your Long Term Cheekbone Enhancement Results?

Dermal fillers will last around 12-24 months, depending on the area of filler injection and the type of filler used.

Facelift and fat grafting to the cheek areas should last for many years, and will offer a more permanent solution.  


How Do You Book a Consultation?

Please call my awesome Patient Care Coordinators at (415) 362-1846, or email them at They will answer any specific questions you may have, and then schedule your consultation.

If you would like to figure out if you are a candidate for cheek rejuvenation before formally meeting me in my office for a consultation, I can look at your photographs and answer any questions you may have beforehand. There is no charge for this service! Contact my Patient Care Coordinator at to be able to send your photos securely and privately.

I do charge $150 for a formal in office consultation. During our time in the office, we will collaborate to come up with a plan for your procedure, go over any further questions you may have, and be able to schedule your procedure. I personally do the consultation – I do not outsource the consultation to anyone else.

Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to ask!

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