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Brotox: The New Normal

October 18, 2018

Despite popular opinion, men age too! And only in the last decade have men begun to accept this unwelcomed fact and take steps towards staving off signs of aging. According to a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, botox use in men is up nearly 400% since 2000. But just what has changed?


Brotox: What is it?

Brotox is a man’s ticket to keeping young and fresh. The play on words simply describes Botox, but for men.

The neurotoxin is used namely in the forehead, crows feet and glabella to reduce wrinkles and smooth out skin. The 10-15 minute procedure is nearly painless and allows patients to go about their days immediately post injection. The results take anywhere from 3-7 days to take effect and prevents certain facial muscles from moving and creating the undesired wrinkles.


Why Now?

Brotox’s popularity arrives on the backs of societal changes such as social media and a wider range of acceptance.

With the rise of social media, men are now in the spotlight just as much as women. They’re beginning to face similar pressures in regards to maintaining a fit and youthful look. There’s also competition with having a youthful appearance at work and staying relevant in today’s society.

In fields such as advertising, information technology, or any field where a lot of public appearances are made, I find that men are increasingly taking stock of their face and realizing that looking younger and refreshed gives them a competitive edge in the work marketplace.

Furthermore, there have been societal changes surrounding taking care of one’s appearance. Recently, more men have begun taking care of their skin and maintain their looks. Thus, it’s no longer considered taboo for a man to get botox and maintain a youthful, refreshed look!


How to Schedule a Consultation

If you’re interested in revitalizing your appearance, you can contact my office for a 30 minute consultation. My patient coordinator will get you scheduled and talk you through the entire process. A botox consultation is free of charge and we will leave enough time in the consultation for you to receive the botox that day should you decide to take the plunge!

My office can be contacted by phone (call or text) at 415-362-1846 or email at

Can I See your Results?

Of course! Head over to my instagram @drroykim to check out photos and videos of my botox patients and keep up with my life as a plastic surgeon. Other social media will be linked below.





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