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Breast Augmentation Using the Goldilocks Pocket

February 13, 2021

As a Plastic Surgeon, I have seen and implanted many breast implants in my career. After several years of studying breast augmentation and developing ideas to perfect the procedure, I have realized that the missing link to a natural look and feel in breast augmentation is the breast pocket itself. Thus, I’ve created the Goldilocks pocket which provides results that are just right for you.

So, what exactly is the Goldilocks Pocket?

The Goldilocks Pocket

You’ve probably heard the story of Goldilocks: an indecisive, perfectionistic girl who commits breaking and entering, food theft, destruction of chairs, and the spreading of bed bugs to every bed in a household. And you know that she is not satisfied until everything is “Just Right.”

The same goes for breast implant pockets (minus the theft and destruction, of course). Your breast implant should be just right for your specific body and aesthetic goals. This means using precise measurements and specific surgical techniques to ensure that your breast implant pocket is designed specifically with your body in mind.

In the 20th century, saline breast implants were placed into a breast implant pocket that was substantially larger than the actual diameter of the breast implant. The thinking back then was that saline breast implants feel slightly more hard and unnatural, so making a bigger pocket would allow the breast implant to move more naturally.

However, when silicone implants came into popularity in 2006, surgeons focused on a more precise breast implant pocket, usually 1-2 cm larger in diameter to the breast implant. The modern plastic surgery thought is that the breast implant pocket should be created precisely so that the breast implant can move a little, but not so much that it will “drift” to the rib cage without a bra, or drift to the underarm when you are lying down flat.

The idea of the Goldilocks pocket is to take this ideology and use it as a guideline, but expand on it to tailor your implants to your body and subsequently provide a breast augmentation that is just right for you.

If the pocket is too small, your implants will look and feel hard, and there will be little to no movement.

If the pocket is too large, your implants will be saggy and far apart.

With natural results in mind, we’re aiming for a pocket that is just right.

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors that may make the Goldilocks pocket more difficult to achieve.

If you have very thick or strong muscles in your chest, the amount of cleavage your implants can produce might be limited.

If you are very thin, then you may be able to see or feel the edges of your breast implants. This is especially true in women who have a very visible rib cage. However, fat grafting in the cleavage area works wonders to develop a more natural look and camouflage the edge of the implants.

If you have asymmetric breasts, you may require two different implant sizes. I might also need to create a new breast fold on one or both of your breasts to provide the most symmetric results.

Just Right: The Breast Pocket for You

Your breast augmentation should be so natural that it leaves people guessing! Some factors that will be achieved by a breast augmentation with the Goldilocks pocket are that your breasts will be close, but not touching. However, when wearing a cleavage inducing bra or top, your breasts should touch!

There should also be natural movement of your breasts when touching them, exercising, or moving in general.

Your breasts should not drift to the side when lying down. They should remain perky and in place!

And finally, they should be just right for you!

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