What Spending $550 on 16 oz of Wagyu Beef Taught Me About Customer Service

September 1, 2016

Special thanks to Ms. O’Connor of JAM Global Consulting for the life and work lessons during our business meeting! – Ms. O’Connor and JAM Global Consulting – http://jamglobalconsulting.com/ Consultation with Ms. O’Connor Introduction to Wagyu Hostess Problems Wine Selection with Our Waiter- No Explanations Given Meat Offerings and Side Dishes- No Explanations Given Requests for Explanations- […]

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How Big Are the Scars After Liposuction?

July 13, 2010

The incisions required for liposuction are quite small, and are hidden in the folds of the body. Roy Kim, MD, Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, discusses what the incisions look like and where the scars will be hidden. Pretty darn small! The incisions are about as long as this line- ____ Liposuction is done with […]

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