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Roy Kim, MD is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon that specializes in a variety of anti-aging procedures. Face lift operations have become an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery that can reduce or reverse the effects of aging and sun exposure. Grafting of fat tissue from other areas of the body is a safe and efficient way to restore youthful vitality and vigor in a face that has been detrimentally affected by age and gravity. When it comes to information on fat transfer, San Francisco patients will be pleased to learn that Roy Kim, MD is now offering face lift augmentation with advanced transfer and grafting techniques.

In San Francisco, fat transfer (also known as “fat grafting”) is a surgical procedure that removes fat cells from one part of the body and injects them into another. Standard liposuction is used to harvest fatty tissue into syringes while the patient is put to sleep with light sedation and local anesthetic. Micro-injections place small particles of fat in multiple tissue layers in the face. Common locations for fat transfer include sunken areas beneath the eyes, nasolabial skin folds, laugh lines next to the mouth, crow’s feet, forehead creases, and cheek augmentation.

Patients that are good candidates for fat transfer include men and women looking to reverse subtle signs of aging by filling out facial wrinkles and creases.

Results of the procedure are usually evident after the swelling subsides within a week and may last anywhere from six months to eight years. Patients that are generally not good candidates for this sort of surgery usually have other overall health problems such as heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding disorders, or a history of deep vein thrombosis. Roy Kim, MD will review your current medications and health status before making any recommendations on how to proceed. You will likely be asked to stop taking blood thinning medications for at least one week before the procedure.

Side effects and potential risks include bruising, swelling, redness, bleeding or hematoma formation, infection, nerve damage, or failure of the wound to properly close. Men and women that smoke are susceptible to more risks after the operation and are encouraged to at quit at least 2 weeks before and after surgery. Cigarette smoke constricts blood vessels and prolongs healing time. However, most side effects are extremely rare and highly dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. For Roy Kim, MD in San Francisco, fat transfer is a safe and reliable way to achieve dramatic effects that reduce or even reverse the signs of aging.

For more information on fat transfer, San Francisco plastic surgeon Roy Kim, MD will be happy to meet with you for an individualized consultation. He will provide you with personalized advice regarding your face lift procedure and assist you in making the optimal decisions for pre- and post-operative care. To schedule an appointment or learn more about fat transfer, San Francisco patients can contact us today.

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