Yes, you should be able to breast feed after breast surgery, assuming that your milk ducts are preserved.

With various breast surgeries, including breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast lift, the most important thing to preserve the ability to produce milk is to preserve the milk duct.  This duct supplies milk to the nipple, and is generally pretty thin and difficult to see if no milk is being produced.  Since the milk duct tends to run in a certain path, plastic surgeons take care to avoid doing too much surgery, traction, or cutting directly underneath the nipple.

Long-term, regardless of breast surgery or type of incision used, most patients should be able to produce milk when they become pregnant.

The only operation where the ability to produce milk may be compromised is when the entire nipple is removed, which occurs during mastectomy and rare breast reduction operations.  If the nipple and areola are removed, then milk production is impossible.  If the nipple are areola are removed, then resutured into place, the cosmetic result may be acceptable, but the ability to produce milk will probably be compromised.

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Roy Kim, MD is a Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco, and specialized in surgery of the breast, face, and body.

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