A surgical maneuver in a nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a nasal in-fracture. This is an optional but common procedure, where a very wide nose can be made thinner by breaking the nasal walls at the side of the nose and are brought in during your operation.

In general, when you have a broken bone anywhere in the body, you have a very large amount of swelling. The human body does this because it helps with keeping your broken bones stabilized. You will generally still need a splint or cast to help stabilize your broken bone.

With a controlled broken nose, or nasal in-fracture, your nose will swell immediately in the operating room. We place a nasal splint over your nose because it helps to stabilize the broken nasal walls, helps to reduce swelling over the broken nose, and is a gentle reminder to not injure your nose right after surgery.

If you happen to traumatize the nose right after a nose job, you can re-break the delicate surgery done in the operating room, and end up with a deviated, or crooked, nose. It’s important not to fall or get into fist fights right after your procedure.

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