• Who is NOT a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift? Are Certain Expectations Unrealistic?

    Expectations with Brazilian Butt Lift

    Expectations with Brazilian Butt Lift


    Do you ever tell a patient it wouldn’t be good to do the procedure? Meaning expectations are unrealistic?


    ABSOLUTELY. Part of my job as a plastic surgeon is to only operate on people who will actually benefit from the procedure! If you won’t benefit and get the results you want, then yes, I will tell you that and help you formulate a plan that will benefit you- without the need for a BBL/ Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.


    Some patients may benefit from a BBL, but I feel may have unrealistic expectations. This is always a judgment call, but the patient-plastic surgeon relationship is a 2 way street. The patient has to feel comfortable with their plastic surgeon- and the plastic surgeon needs to feel comfortable with the patient!



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