Swelling will always occur after plastic surgery.  Depending on your procedure, body part, age, and medical illnesses you may have, most of the swelling goes away within 1-2 months after surgery.  However, it takes about 6-12 months for all of the swelling to go away after your procedure.

With the face area, your swelling will quickly go away over several weeks.  With breast surgery, most of the swelling dissipates after 4-6 weeks.  Liposuction of most body areas will take 2-6 weeks for the bulk of swelling to go down.

Other factors may cause your swelling to linger, including larger incisions, bigger procedures, certain medical illnesses,  multiple procedures, and certain body parts.  The lower body, especially the legs, may take longer to heal, because gravity will pull any swollen internal fluid down towards your ankles.

Ways to reduce your swelling and heal faster include being younger, having good overall circulation, icing your areas of surgery, elevating your areas of surgery above heart level, optimizing your blood pressure with medications, maintaining good fluid intake, and walking around with some body movement to improve post-surgery circulation and blood flow.

Every person and procedure is specific, so I would recommend talking to your plastic surgeon about your overall health, unique medical illnesses, and your specific procedures, to help reduce swelling after your operation.  These general guidelines may help you regardless of what plastic surgery procedure you may have.

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