Botox is a popular and common injection to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines of the face. There may be preferred times to inject it, depending on your circumstances and activities.

The best time of day for Botox injection is when you know you will not be laying down or sleeping within 3-4 hours of injection. After you Botox injection, you should be upright for several hours afterwards. This helps prevent any Botox from drifting down on your face, a very important consideration when you have Botox injected above your upper eyelid area. If Botox is able to drift down to the upper eyelid, it may be difficult to open your eye, and you may end up with a droopy eyelid.

The best time to get a Botox injection before a special event is about 1-2 weeks before your event. Botox typically takes 4-7 days to work, so you will want to allow the Botox to work over 1-2 weeks and erase as many wrinkles as possible before your event.

Some patients ask me the best time related to their age to get a Botox injection. As long as you have muscles creating skin folds and wrinkles, it’s appropriate to get a Botox injection. There is little to no risk of getting a Botox injection at an age that is too young or too old– your overall aesthetic result is related more to the depth of your wrinkle and it’s location, not your chronological age.

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