Let’s face it- many people want to have plastic surgery to not only boost confidence, look more rejuvenated, appear more youthful- they want to feel more sexy. There, I said it, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

So, when can you “get it on” again after your procedure? My favorite answer- it depends– still works here, but some common sense applies as well.

Basically, you want to feel recovered, in little to no pain, and have your surgical incisions closed before you get back to your significant other. This assumes that you are an active participant in the, er, festivities.

Mentally and psychologically, it’s important to have plastic surgery for you, and not necessarily for others. If you’re secure and confident before surgery, then after you heal and aren’t in much pain, you should feel confident to have fun with your partner in crime as soon as possible after plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery involves surgery, so you probably will not feel comfortable with physical intimacy until some of the swelling, bruising, and pain has gone away. Of course, this depends on the location of your surgery, number of locations, and how quickly you heal, but it’s generally safe to have sex when your body tells you that it’s not in significant pain.

If you have surgical incisions, in general you will want them to be healed and closed up before pursuing rigorous activity. You don’t want to have plastic surgery, and then have a slight separation of your scars due to over-exuberance with your partner. Allowing your incisions to heal is a good indicator of when you’ll be ready for a return to fun.

It’s always best to ask your plastic surgeon about the right time to return sex, and only he or she knows, after talking to you and examining, when the best time is for you and your body.

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