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Saline breast implants may rarely fail. It is usually not related to trauma, but rather, is related to simple wear-and-tear and perhaps simply age. Defects in the manufacturing process can occur, but this is not common.

Saline solution from your breast implant is absorbed by your body. Although your breast may appear smaller, misshapen, and deflated, it’s not a surgical emergency- your overall health should be fine.

To get your best result, you will want your breast implant to be replaced in an expedient fashion. Generally, the easiest way to get this done is to go through your original incision, and get it replaced by an identical size and profile implant.

You have several options to get slightly different implants and alter the shape of your breasts, such as

– more or less volume

– different profile, which means a different width or thickness of implant

– different substance, such as silicone gel

– different incision for removal and placement of your new implants

– removal of scar tissue, or capsule, of your implant

– reshaping of your breast, such as performing a breast lift

Depending on when you had your saline breast augmentation, your saline implants may still be covered under warranty. You should have your original breast implant warranty card, and you should try to get the original operative report from your plastic surgeon. Any surgical details will help in figuring out what implant you have, what volume implant you have, and whether a warranty still applies to your breast implants.

The manufacturer will want the actual breast implant so that they can examine it and determine what went wrong. Usually you will have to wait for the actual breast implant to be examined before you will be able to get a check in the mail, from the breast implant company, for a portion of the surgical costs to be paid for. Details of what is covered under your breast implant warranty will vary, so make sure you check with the manufacturer, probably Allergan Corporation or Mentor, now a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.

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