In general, you want a cup size or shape that fits YOUR body.

Breast Augmentation is done by placing breast implants of a certain volume into a pocket underneath your breast tissue. Cup size is very imprecise, so plastic surgeons generally use a very specific volume in the implant to deliver the result that you want. This is why many patients know about breast implant volume- 300 cc, 400 cc, etc.

The amount of volume you need varies, because it depends on how much skin and breast tissue you currently have, how much laxity it has, as well as what overall result you want in the end.

The second issue is the profile of the implant. This is actually rarely discussed, since most patients have never heard of it. This is the KEY to getting the cleavage you want with your breast augmentation procedure. The profile of the breast implant refers to the thickness of the breast implants. Different profiles of breast implants have different widths as well.

Instead of naming the implants “thin, medium, thick” to describe profiles, the breast implant companies have called them “low profile, moderate profile, mid-range profile, moderate plus profile, and high profile”, as well as other names. Although this may be confusing, it actually gives you, as a patient more choices in breast implants. You can figure out, with my help, the correct volume and profile of the breast implant that best fits your body.

In the end, you want an implant that matches the width measurement of YOUR breast width. Also, the amount of cleavage, or separation of breast tissue that you want after surgery, can be customized, depending on the profile of breast implants that you choose.

If the breast implants are too wide, they may touch in the middle after your breast augmentation procedure. If the breast implants are too narrow, then the implants will not “fill out” the breast tissue naturally, and may leave you with too much empty space in the middle where you should have some cleavage. You want an implant that’s “just right” for your body and chest measurements, as well as what you want for breast cleavage long-term.

What’s right for you? I have breast implant sizers in the office, and you can try on various volumes, such as 300 cc, 330 cc, etc. I have found this method to be a very accurate way to give patients a glimpse into what their breasts will look like after surgery.

When I meet with your during your consultation, I will personally go over the volume and profile measurements of your body and breast implants with you. This will help you achieve your personal best!

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    3 years ago

    The actual size of a breast implant, measured in cc’s, is really not very descriptive of what a breast augmentation will look like, or what the cup size will be. It is all relative to the size of the breast and the size of the patient preoperatively. A tall, broad-shouldered patient with small A-cup breasts may require 450cc implants to achieve a C-cup breast volume postoperatively, while a shorter patient with medium B-cup breasts may only need a 250cc implant to achieve a C-cup breast volume.
    For any patient there is obviously a range of implant volumes that would be considered natural-appearing, and a volume at which the upper pole of the breast begins to look very unnatural. While one patient may seek an augmentation that is ‘perfectly natural’, another may be interested in a result that is more on ‘the full side of natural’, and many patients do ask that the largest implant volume be selected that does not produce an unnatural fullness in the upper pole.

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