After your liposuction procedure, you should end up with less fat in the problem areas that underwent liposuction. Your overall body contour should be smoother, thinner, and more shapely.

Most of the swelling and healing goes away within the first 1-2 months after surgery, but long-term, it takes 6-12 months for all of the swelling and healing to have occurred. In the end, you should have less external fat, less fat to pinch, and your clothing should fit better.

The fat that is removed with liposuction is gone forever. Liposuction itself removes plump fat cells with the center of the cell filled up with fat- in other words, the lipocyte cells that are filled with fat deposits are removed with liposuction.

However, liposuction does NOT remove the non-plump fat cells, or lipocytes, that are left behind. So, if you do not maintain your diet and exercise, your remaining fat cells will plump up, and you will gain the fat back in all of the original areas that your body likes to store fat. Your liposuction procedure will only last long-term if you maintain your diet and exercise. Also, you will gain fat back in the original areas that your body likes to store your fat. A healthy lifestyle is critical to maintaining the best results possible after liposuction!

If you’d like more information on health lifestyle choices, or would like to meet with Roy Kim, MD, please contact¬†our Patient Care Coordinator, at or 415 362 1846. Roy Kim, MD will discuss with you what kind of long-term results you can expect after your liposuction procedure.


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