Generally, you will be given a surgical compression bra right after surgery. This type of bra is not that attractive, but will give compression so that you will have less swelling and little movement of your breast implants after surgery.

Obviously, right after breast augmentation surgery, your surgical site will swell and potentially bruise. Wearing a compression bra will help to reduce some of the swelling, and is usually recommended for 1-4 weeks after your operation.

Another type of bra that helps is a sports bra with no underwire. Please check with your plastic surgeon as to the when you can convert from wearing the post-surgery bra to a sports bra or a regular bra.

A bra not to wear right after breast augmentation surgery is a bra that generates cleavage or has a thick, strong under wire. This type of pressure may artificially push your breast implant up, towards your collar bone. This type of bra may also push your breast implant towards each other. Either option is not recommended after your breast surgery, because it puts too much pressure on your new breast implants.

This type of bra may actually cause a little pain, and your breast implants may heal in the wrong position. You would only want to wear a cleavage inducing bra after your breast augmentation surgery has healed.

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