Recovery after liposuction is very dependent on your overall health, how many areas of liposuction you had, the locations of liposuction, and how much fat was removed. In general, you should expect to take 3-10 days after your liposuction procedure to recover. Your length of recovery is highly individualized and variable.

Common sense dictates that the younger and healthier you are, the quicker your recovery will be. There are also post-liposuction instructions your plastic surgeon will go over with you, including drinking plenty of fluids, wearing your compression garments, walking around after your surgery, and other things which will aid in your recovery.

The more areas of liposuction you have, the longer your recovery will be. Most patients choose to have several areas done, but some patients may want their arms, upper body, and lower body to undergo liposuction. You will be more sore if you have more areas of liposuction done, and you may need more time off of work to fully recover.

Certain areas of the body are more painful than others after liposuction. The areas of the body with more movement, especially the core areas of the body, will have more soreness and pain compared to parts of the body that don’t move as much, such as the hip areas. The more you use your body parts that had liposuction, the more sore you will be as well.

The more fat removed with liposuction may cause more soreness as well. More fat removal implies more body areas of surgery, which may result in more soreness, bruising, and stiffness after surgery.

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