An Eyelid Lift usually tightens the skin and removes some fat from the upper and lower eyelid. Occasionally, the tarsus of the lower eyelid is tightened. (The tarsus is thick, white tissue, which is where. the eyelashes originate from.)

When you get an eyelid lift, the skin of the upper and lower eyelid is surgically incised. Some of it is removed. While the incision is open, a small amount of fat may be removed as well, which helps with treating the bags underneath your eyes. The excess skin is trimmed, and the incisions are closed.

An eyelid lift typically does not hurt very much. Most patients seem to need strong pain medicine for only 1-2 days, and many patients may need only over-the-counter pain medication, even right after surgery. Since only skin and fat are surgically removed, there is not much pain associated with an eyelid lift. Even tightening the tarsus does not generate much pain after surgery.

The bark of an eyelid lift is worse than it’s bite. After an eyelid lift, you may have bruising and swelling out of proportion to the amount of surgery you had. This occurs because the eyelid skin is very thin, and is sensitive to even small amounts of surgery. Swelling and bruising usually takes several days to go away, but it depends on your overall health and other operations you may have at the same time.  You will have more swelling with and upper AND lower eyelid lift.  Icing, head elevation, anti-inflammatory medicine, and rest all help to reduce pain and swelling after your procedure.

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