The best time to get a facelift is

– anytime you have 1-2 weeks to recover, and

– any time that gives you several months before a formal event or photos that will last a lifetime

The more obvious answer is that a facelift is great when you have 1-2 weeks to recover. Although it doesn’t hurt that much, your face will be swollen after surgery, and you will have sutures that need to be removed 5-10 days after your procedure. Getting other procedures at the same time as your facelift, such as a neck lift, eyelid lift, brow lift, and fat transfer, will also cause more swelling and a longer recovery time.

A more subtle timing issue is if you have a big event where you’ll be photographed. A facelift is a big operation, and patients often want to get it if they have an upcoming wedding, family reunion, or school reunion. Although you will be fine in terms of suture removal and healing, photos will often show subtle swelling. If you are considering a facelift for a big event where you will have photos taken, you should consider getting your surgery 2-3 months in advance of the event. This will ensure that you are healed and have minimized any potential swelling that will show up in any photographs.

The time of year or season will not necessarily give you a better or worse result with your facelift. You should consider the best time for you and your schedule for your facial rejuvenation procedure.

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