The best body position to be in after your tummy tuck is to be in a modified fetal position. You will want to have your tummy flexed with your knees up towards your chest. Your head and chest should be on 1-2 pillows, and your knees should have a pillow underneath them.

While in bed, you will probably still be in your abdominal binder, a garment that is placed around you at the end of your procedure. It’s important to wear this garment, since it gives you tummy and back support, and will help reduce swelling. Also, if you’ve had liposuction around the love handle or flank area, the abdominal garment will help with the overall shape of your result.

If possible, it’s not advisable to spend too much time in a completely straight position. You may also feel pain and stretching in your tummy area if you try to stand up straight or lie down perfectly straight. The ability to be straight will come with time, and it’s generally not recommended right after your surgery.

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