After your facelift, you will probably want to minimize swelling and bruising after your procedure. To heal faster and reduce bruising as much as possible, there are several  creams which may help reduce bruising.

The best herbal cream to reduce bruising, in my opinion, is some type of Arnica cream. Arnica is a type of sunflower that has been used to reduce bruising, sprains, and muscle inflammation. In cream or lotion form, it may help with to reduce bruising and swelling.

Another herbal medicine based on Echinacea may also help in reducing bruises. This herb is derived from a type of daisy, and has been used because it is thought to induce white blood cells towards the area of injury and help prevent infection. This may also reduce bruising, since white blood cells will help to mobilize fluid and help with healing.

A big medicine or cream NOT to take after your facelift is anything in the aspirin family. Aspirin is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, but unfortunately works by thinning your blood slightly. This is a potential problem after surgery, because you want your body to heal and not have excessive bleeding after your procedure. Aspirin, ibuprofen, and any other medicine is generally not recommended before or after a facelift- talk to your plastic surgeon about his or her preferences.

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