Mesotherapy is a technique using injected materials into the soft tissue and fat for various ailments. The material injected into the body are typically vitamins, minerals, homeopathic materials, or proprietary materials that may be unknown. The injections are usually made into the soft tissue and fat, although there may be occasional injections into muscle.

Mesotherapy appears to have started in Europe in the 1960’s, and is currently being done throughout the world for various diseases and ailments. In plastic surgery, mesotherapy is often done to dissolve fat. Another term for it is lipodissolve.

Although mesotherapy may be effective, in theory and reality, in dissolving fat, there are some practical considerations with it. The biggest concern is that it’s impossible to know exactly how much dissolving material is in a body area. You can’t see or feel the injected material underneath the skin, so it’s impossible to know where and how much fat will actually be dissolved.

With regular liposuction, it’s possible to judge by feeling and looking at an area of liposuction how much fat has been removed. This is not possible with mesotherapy, since it takes time for the fat to dissolve. It can’t be observed in the operating room or during the time of the procedure.

Finally, mesotherapy for dissolve fat is not considered a safe procedure in the US. The FDA has released an article stating that it is not considered an “approved” procedure, and the ASPS/ American Society of Plastic Surgery has also released a paper commenting on the concerns of dissolving fat through injections. Both articles are linked below.

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