Please welcome Dr. Jonathan Berman, Boca Raton plastic surgeon, back to my site today as a guest blogger. – Dr. Kim

By Jonathan Ross Berman, MD

Are beauty ideals “geographically dependent”?

Think about it. Take the ever-popular Real Housewives series as an example. Are the women in Atlanta vying for the same look as the Orange County Ladies? If you have traveled, are the bust lines in Miami comparable to the upstate New York figures or the looks most coveted in London? I don’t believe so.

When looking at different cultures, countries, and coastlines, one must take into account the varied psychosocioeconomic environs. In the United States alone, plastic surgery procedures and techniques vary between California, New York, Texas, Miami and all points in between. Influenced by weather, clothing trends and the cultural majority, it seems there is a vast difference in beauty ideals.
When Samantha Brick, a journalist for the DailyMail UK, presented an article entitled  “‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful” the Internet was immediately abuzz with hate mail, blogs posts and, closest to home, Plastic Surgeons critiquing Ms. Brick from fingertip to toenail (or frown lines to “bust to waist” ratio). Their criticism was straightforward yet varied widely.

Several surgeons, seemingly giving Ms. Brick the benefit of the doubt, explained that what one culture or locale finds near perfect may be quite different than that of another. What some consider a “Perfect 10” others see as a “6”. While some prefer curvy brunettes, others cannot take their eyes off of a lithe blonde.

The one thing most agreed upon? Ms. Brick may get more from some therapy sessions than any cosmetic surgeon can offer. Take a look and decide for yourself:


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