Breasts are made up of breast tissue and fat, as well as skin and soft tissue. If you are younger and fit, then your breast is predominantly breast tissue. If you are older, then some of your breast tissue has thinned out, and your breast may appear to sag slightly.

If you gain weight, then you may notice that your breasts may get larger. Your breasts are probably have more fat being deposited into your breast tissue areas. Some patients have this, and other patients may simply have larger breasts than average, in proportion to their height and weight. Everyone is different, but the vast majority of women will have larger breasts as they gain weight.

If you gain weight after your breast augmentation procedure, you will also probably have larger breasts as well. You will have more fat deposited into your breasts, which may result in more breast volume and a larger cup size. If you gain a lot of weight, your breasts may actually start to sag. Of course, if you maintain your diet and exercise after your surgery, then you should maintain your overall breast volume and size.

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