There are 2 major companies that make and sell aesthetic/ cosmetic breast implants in the US, Allergan and Mentor. Allergan is an independent company (NYSE, AGN), and Mentor is a part of Johnson & Johnson (NYSE, JNJ). Both companies have very similar warranties for their breast implant medical devices.

Please don’t read this article as the holy grail of breast implant warranty comparison. Although I’ve actually read the warranties for both companies, that doesn’t mean that I’m perfect. The website links are listed at the bottom of this blog post, and check with your plastic surgeon for further questions.   Both companies make great products and have good customer service, so what I’m reading and interpreting probably does not address every single possible possibility. Also, I’ve worked with both companies regarding breast implant replacements, and they have been great to work with.

In terms of saline or silicone, there is a lifetime warranty. From the text of both companies, that is a warranty for the actual breast implant. If you have a defective breast implant, Allergan and Mentor will replace it.

The defective breast implant has to be removed and sent back to Allergan or Mentor for analysis. Both companies are publicly traded, have shareholders, and are under FDA scrutiny, so they take the analysis of the breast implant medical device very seriously.

If there is a problem with the implant, then both companies will give some money to the patient for surgical, operating room, and anesthesia costs. Both Allergan and Mentor seem to use the term “Financial Assistance for Revision Surgery.” The amount of money is approximately $1200 – $2400. This amount is not sent out until the breast implant has undergone analysis at the headquarters of both Allergan or Mentor. Also, this is where a time limit takes effect- financial assistance will be given within the first 10 years of surgery. After that, no financial assistance will be given.

Both Allergan and Mentor have a baseline warranty. Both also offer an upgraded, or enhanced warranty. For now, Allergan is offering a free upgrade to the upgraded warranty, but with Mentor, you are required to pay $100 within 45 days of your procedure.

Allergan’s baseline warranty is called ConfidencePlus, and the upgraded one is called ConfidencePlus Premier. Mentor’s baseline warranty is called Standard Advantage, and the upgraded one is called Enhanced Advantage.

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