A nose job, or rhinoplasty, means many different things. There are several major procedures within a nose job, and the most common ones are


getting rid of the nasal hump

making the tip of the nose more refined

nasal in-fracture

making the base of the nose more wide or more narrow

changing the direction of the tip of the nose to go up or down

The septum is the cartilage that separates the right and left nostril. If it curves too much to the left or right, you have a deviated septum. To fix this, you will need to have the portion of septum that is blocking the nostril, which is called a septoplasty. Sometimes a patient may not have a deviated septum, but the plastic surgeon will want some cartilage to rebuild other areas of the nose.

Many patients want a nose job to get rid of the bump on their nose. This bump is often more visible on a side view, or profile file. In terms of plastic surgery, this is call elimination of the nasal hump. This can be done safely at the same time as other procedures.

The tip of your nose may be too wide, or too wide in proportion to your face. If the tip of your nose is too wide and lacks definition, that is called a bulbous tip. A plastic surgeon can make the tip of the nose more refined or thinner, and can give it more shape.

Many patients feel that the bony portion of their nose, just below their eyes but above their tip, is too wide. To correct this, the plastic surgeon has to break the bones of that area of the nose. This is called a nasal in-fracture.

The base of your nose, just outside the nostrils, can also appear to be too wide or too narrow. The base of the nose can be made more narrow by a removal of the skin on the outside of the nose, or inside of the nose, or both, depending on the circumstances and your anatomy. The base can also be made wider. Occasionally, extra support, usually from making a cartilage support from your septum, is required for this maneuver.

Sometimes the tip of your nose appears to be loose or droop. In other patients, the nose is too high. The position of the tip of the nose can be altered as well, and a plastic surgeon can change the direction of the tip of the nose to go up or down.

Not all of these procedures are done in every nose job. A nose job, or rhinoplasty procedure, is highly personalized, and it depends on your nose and the nasal proportions and structures in relation to your face.

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