Need Motivation to Work Out? Female Exercise Orgasms Studied

Wait. What? Women are having orgasms at the gym?

A new study from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University says that a percentage of women are experiencing “coregasms,” named because of their likelihood to occur during exercises that involve the core muscle group.

Researchers used answers from an online survey, which included 124 respondents who reported to exercise-induced orgasms and 246 women who reported exercise-induced sexual pleasure.

The story on MSNBC says:

“Of the women who had orgasms during exercise, about 45 percent said their first experience was linked to abdominal exercises; 19 percent linked to biking/spinning; 9.3 percent linked to climbing poles or ropes; 7 percent reported a connection with weight lifting; 7 percent running;  the rest of the first-time experiences included various exercises, such as yoga, swimming, elliptical machines, aerobics and others. Exercise-induced sexual pleasure was linked with more types of exercises than the orgasm phenomenon.”

But like all other exercise payoffs, it seems that these orgasms usually occurred only after extreme exertion and after many repetitions, not just after a few crunches. So basically, ya gotta work for it.

In fact (since we know you want to know), the most common type of exercise to trigger an exercise orgasm is the so-called “captain’s chair” abdominal crunch. This is the thing that has a padded area for your forearms that allows you to repeatedly lift your legs to your chest. So there you go. If you can ignore the extreme pain radiating from your abs, you just might experience a little pleasure.

I Love It When You Run Your Fingers Through My Leg Hair
It seems that doctors keep finding new ways to rearrange your body to fix all sorts of problems. We can move fat from your tummy to your face to wrinkles. We can take skin from your thigh to treat burn wounds. We can replace a severed thumb with your big toe. And now, we can move the hair from your legs to your head to fix your bald spot.

Hair plugs and hair transplantation has taken many turns over the years, from the creepy “doll hair” look of obvious plugs to more refined results being achieved with single hair follicle transplants that are taken from the back of the head.

This newest technique was published in the February 2012 issue of Archives of Dermatology and states that the diameter of leg hair is much smaller when compared to head hair. This fineness results in a more natural looking and aesthetically pleasing hairline. The results were followed for four years to ensure that the leg hair did indeed grow.  And, yep, it did.

The hair was able to be styled naturally and the “curls” didn’t show up to distract from the existing head hair. Ladies who are interested in the procedure don’t even need to grow out their leg hair first. Stubble is all that is needed.

A typical hairline requires about 1,200 new follicles at $8 to $10 per follicle, or $9,600 to $12,000. The procedure usually takes 5-6 hours. I think it’s a small price to pay to not look like Chucky, don’t you?

Feminization Surgery Helps Face Match the “Parts”

When people think of gender re-assignment surgery, they tend to think of surgery that simply swaps out male parts for female parts or vice versa. But many transgendered patients are taking their transformations even further through the use of “Facial Feminization Surgery” or FFS.

What is FFS? It is a tailored surgical plan that helps a person’s face to look more feminine by shaping the forehead, arching the eyebrows, narrowing the chin, adjusting the position of the lips and the nose, decreasing the size of the Adam’s apple, etc.

Basically, this helps women, who were formerly men, look like women. It just goes to prove that there is more to being a lady than big breasts, false eyelashes and lip gloss (much to the dismay of many a drag queen).

Can’t get enough weird plastic surgery news? Check out the archives.

Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.


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