Woman Spills Secrets of Black Market Silicone Injections
A mother of two is blowing the back door off (no pun intended) the secretive world of silicone butt injections in a new book called “Shot Girls.”

Vanity Wonder, 30, has lost count of how many times her rump has been on the receiving  end of a needle filled with who knows what, but she says she has spent about $15,000 to look this ridiculous.

“In 2006, you had to search to find this stuff,” Wonder said. “Now anyone on the corner will inject you with what they buy at the Kwik-E Mart or at the gas station.”

Wonder admits she didn’t know what she was being injected with the first two times she underwent the procedure. But then she became an assistant to an underground injector, and she says it was medical grade silicone. Mmmkay.

Wonder says she wrote the book as a warning to other women about the dangers of illegal butt enhancing procedures. She has stopped receiving and assisting with injections after nearly going to jail and says, “I’m just so thankful to be here in one piece, and that I’m able to tell people to stop on this path, because somebody’s going to die.”

Um, yeah. Somebody, actually several somebodies, have already died. In reality, a quick Google Images search for “Vanity Wonder” shows dozens of images of the concerned mom provocatively marketing her back side in every photo. I smell a marketing ploy, don’t you?

Chinese Mother Disfigured by Facial Tumors
Here’s a sad story about a mom with real problems.

Li Hongfang, 40, has been suffering from tumors growing on her face for more than 10 years but can’t afford the medical treatment to remove them. China did away with its government healthcare services over the last several decades.

“I know that a lot of people see me as a monster,” Li said. “But I am just a normal woman and a mother inside.”

In 2001, Li noticed a small bump and some swelling on her forehead but thought nothing of it because it wasn’t painful. But soon, other areas of her face started to grow out of control, too. Doctors diagnosed her with a rare condition four years later that is now causing seven tumors to take over her face.

To top it off, her husband died shortly after her diagnosis and her two teenage sons have left the village to find work. She is shunned by her neighbors because of her extreme appearance.

Perhaps Vanity Wonder could use some book profits to help a fellow woman who is disfigured not by choice?

I Just Hate When Breast Implants Explode
I’m awarding a British woman my “Duh!” Award this week. Here’s why.

Alison Chapman wanted a breast augmentation procedure, but she was mostly concerned with getting a low price.

“I looked on the Internet and when I came across a clinic in Tunisia, it seemed professional so I made the decision to go,” Chapman said. “It’s now one of the biggest regrets of my life.”

Hmmmm, an Internet search yields a cheap result for surgery in another country…shocking.

Chapman says she traveled to Tunisia and received breast implants but that she was not happy with the result. Her breasts were uneven. And yet, she went back to the same clinic to fix it.

When she returned from her second trip abroad, she was in extreme pain. And then, she says, her breast implant exploded while she was taking a shower. She was rushed to the hospital to close the wound and fight the infection that caused it.

Two more surgeries in Britain to correct her problems, and just like that, all those initial savings disappeared. Duh!

Truck Driving Sun Damage
Here’s what can happen when you don’t wear daily SPF protection. I’ve been telling my patients to protect their skin for years. And now, thanks to this long-haul trucker, I have bona fide proof that the sun does indeed cause your skin to age – a lot. Check it out.

Can’t get enough weird plastic surgery news? Check out the archives.

Join me again next week as I continue to track the decline of civilized society as told through the strange and varied tales of plastic surgery.


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